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Some of my work!

Here is some of my work. Check out the full experience of my reel with sound. Feel free to click work to check out more projects. Scroll down to see some testimonials and some current blog posts. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube to watch my horror Makeup series and my horror cartoon series that I am creating.



  • "Jacob and his team demonstrate world-class efficacy, not only in communicating with a client to establish & explore needs but also in creating fantastic content that satisfies those needs. I have worked with Jacob on many different kinds of projects from music videos to narrative films, web series to brand material. His excellent versatility allows him to bridge genres and ensure that no matter the client or vision, a quality video can be planned, executed, edited, and delivered. Highly recommend JSF!"
    Siegen Bretzke
    Sounds by Siegen
  • "I have worked with Jacob Stone on multiple projects and he continues to display a keen creative eye that is only matched by his strong work ethic. Whether it's editing, animation, cinematography, videography or just about anything else... Jacob Stone is always a solid member to add to your next narrative or commercial project. I highly recommend hiring this man."
    Robert Lloyd Moore
    RLM Productions
January 23, 2016

Welcome to my new portfolio!

In case you haven’t already, check out my filmmaker reel. My old portfolio was a free Adobe portfolio and to be quite honest, it was tacky. The layout looks like it was thrown together and there was really no way to change it. So, I give you my new and improved filmmaker portfolio. This website will contain all my filmmaker work along with any client work for commercials, music videos, events, short films, and other video production projects. My main focus will be Phantom6Productions. Please check out my horror film work there along with subscribing to my YouTube channel and pledging to my Patreon to support my work so I can offer you more cool projects and BTS stuff. I plan to work on a  horror cartoon series along with do horror film tutorials on my YouTube. For instance, I will be showing how to do lighting techniques, SFX, and VFX. This is just the start and the sky is the limit! Feel free to contact me if you’d like to know more or if there is a project I can do for you.

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